Chairman Desk's

" Sanskar Public Academy Pagra Bazaar Gopalganj, Bihar was established on 4th April 2013. The main aim of establish this institution is to developed quality education and to establish an impressive centre For learning where pupils can receive a balanced education a vitual environment that will promote their spiritual moral, cultural Mental and physical development.
Overall progress of the students and satisfaction of the guardians are the real assets of this institutiout. It is my aim to develop our students in such a way that must be recognized by their own behaviour and character.
Sanskar is one of the best names of institutiout which teach us appraisable behaviour with manner discipline and obedient that improve to the students themselves.
I always pray to the god For the future development and betterment. "
Mr. Satyebdra Jaiswal

We glance, we feel, we change

(1) Sanskar Public Academy provides complete education for youngsters that encourage them to be. Intellectually able, spiritual aware socially responsible, emotionally, mature, physically healthy and culturally enriched.
(2) We nurture in our student so that realization dawns that maturity comes with the development not just of physical strength but with the acquisition of moral and intellectual strength.
(3) We provide an education that is challenging yet enjoyable, resulting in its being remembers with gratitude life long.